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The invention of Cialis is a funny story. The scientists discovered that tadalafil – the main component of Cialis – has a great positive impact on erection when they were testing a completely different medication for side effects. After receiving the test results they decided that such a preparation like Cialis is much more needed by men than anything else. Viagra used to be known as the most powerful and reliable solution. Actually, it is really effective, but Cialis appeared to be better in all the aspects. It is a more advanced and modern preparation having longer effect which may reach up to 36 hours after just one pill!

Advantages of Cialis

  • 1. The main advantage is that now you can buy Cialis without prescription in a good online pharmacy – from us, for example. Of course, if you have any doubts or do not trust the opinions of people from the Internet it makes sense to visit your doctor for the consultation. It will make you confident that Cialis is exactly what you need.
  • 2. Cialis is effective for people suffering from all types of erectile dysfunction. Its efficiency is about 99.8% which is better than the efficiency of any other preparation.
  • 3. Tadalafil is easily digested by organism which means that it has no negative influence on the excretory system. The majority of other preparations impacts the functioning of kidneys and liver negatively and cannot be used too often. Cialis is perfectly suitable for regular use.
  • 4. Side effects of Cialis of Generic Cialis are very rare, weak and short-lasting. The most common ones are slight headache or indigestion. They occur in less than 11% of cases and never last long. Usually it is enough to take Cialis regularly in order to get rid of them.
  • 5. There are no serious contraindications for taking Cialis. All men older than 18 are allowed to take Cialis including elder people. There are lots of examples when people in their 60s and even 70s were taking Cialis for long time and had absolutely no problems. It is enough to follow the recommended dosage which is stated in the instruction. Even people having issues with kidneys, liver and stomach have no limitations in taking Cialis. Everyone may purchase a Cialis 20mg pack from our online pharmacy and enjoy their sexual life.
  • 6. Finally, Cialis does not build up a tolerance – it has the same efficiency all the time – and does not cause addiction. It often happens that someone has to stop taking Cialis for a while and he does not feel any discomfort about that.

Pharmacological effect

Please, let us omit all technical details of how Cialis works – you may find enough information about that on the Internet. We will explain everything in a much more ostensive and simple way.

The nature of erectile dysfunction may be different but the consequences are always the same – blood circulation impairment in the pelvic area. It means that penis just does not get enough blood for normal erection because it flows in the wrong direction.

Cialis temporarily makes vessels more elastic and makes blood circulation in the pelvic area more intensive. It guarantees that penis tissues will be getting enough blood for at least next 24 hours. Now it looks really simple, doesn’t it?

Who may be interested in Cialis

Basically all men regardless of their age and quality of sexual life may use Cialis for reaching better results. Believe us, Cialis provides much cooler effect than alcohol and marijuana put together.

Additionally, Cialis could be a great insurance for a man who has never had sex and is now afraid of erection problems at the first date. The same may be applied to those who are going to return to normal sexual life after a long break.

Cialis is a very cheap and powerful solution for adding something new into your sexual life. It will help you stay fresh and cool during your night marathon and surprise your partner. Just follow the dosage recommendations which are supplied with every box of Cialis and remember that the recommended dose guarantees the needed effect. Taking more pills will not help you anyway.

Cialis efficiency is 99.8%, who are those 0.02%?

As we have already said Cialis is the most effective preparation for people suffering from all types of erectile dysfunction and it is true. But people having issues with libido are totally a different story. Cialis cannot improve somebody’s libido because it merely has a different function.

Typically libido problems are much easier to treat than erection problems and impotency. If you do not feel like having sex for too long time or just do not get the pleasure you used to get – please, don’t hesitate and visit your doctor. Nine times out of ten he will prescribe some good and fast-acting medicine or even just necessary vitamins. After it Cialis will be efficient for you as well!

Buy Cialis via the Internet

There are dozens of advantages for buying Cialis online and we will enlist the most convincing ones:
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