Types of physical activity for men

Everybody knows that physical activity is a very important thing helping us maintain and improve state of health. However, it is a bit different from the point of man’s health. There are certain types of physical activity that can be either good pr harmful. Let’s firstly talk about sport that should not be used for erectile dysfunction prevention and more than that can be really dangerous.

Horse riding and cycling

Both those kinds of sports mean that a person spends quite much time sitting. It is easy to understand that long sitting is not good for vessels and pelvic blood circulation. You cannot even imagine how many professional cyclists and horse riders face troubles with erection and buy Cialis for normalizing sexual life. Cycling is a great type of cardio training. It makes our heart, lungs and muscles work better. If you are a great fan of cycling - don’t worry, it is absolutely safe to spend one or two hours sitting. Just make longer and oftener breaks during your training and it will be enough.


Each of us wants to be well-built and to have perfect body with ripping muscles. It may sound disappointing but powerlifting cannot assist sexual health. Well, it may only stimulate the increase of testosterone level and that’s it.

Anyway, “clean” powerlifting without various preparations is not bad either. Finally, it will definitely make you stronger and more confident.

The only thing we do not recommend here is taking all those sport pills, powders, tablets which are supposed to make muscles grow faster. Their common side effect is lower libido.

Luckily there are many types of physical activity which can quickly improve one’s results in bed. We will mention several most versatile ways for improving man’s health. But please remember that only regular training makes sense and don’t wait for too fast results.


Walking is the best kind of physical activity available to people of all age. Urban walking is a great thing, but we suggest you strolling around in a park, forest or countryside. The combination of fresh clean air with steady movement is tremendously efficient.

One hour of daily walking is the golden middle. Try to move with the same speed. Keep your back straight and breathe deeply – it will help saturate blood with more oxygen. And don’t be lazy, don’t look for any excuses. Walking is not only an exercise but also a great pleasure. Just find a place where you feel comfortable and take a nice walk.


Running is the most popular kind of sport in the West. It is very simple, it does not need knowledge of any rules and it may cost you nearly nothing unless you are going to buy some expensive running shoes. The best thing about jogging is that you do not have to run for a very long distance to get a good result. Actually, you do not even have to count the miles covered. Well, if you are eager to know what distance you managed to run today – please, do it, use a tracker on your smartphone. But generally it is enough to merely run for 25-35 minutes two or (better) three times a week.

It will be perfect if you find a good running route in your area or even several routes. Urban running may be dangerous if you do not have the appropriate shoes while running in a forest or just in the countryside does not demand anything specific. Our feet are created for contacting ground but not concrete or asphalt. Jogging along a beach is a great way to start morning as well. It is also a great aesthetic pleasure to watch the beauty of nature while running.


From the point of endurance swimming is just as good as running, but swimming has a great advantage as well – it provides great load for muscles. That is like going to a gym, seriously. If you have never swum it could be a fabulous opportunity to start. Believe us, a good teacher will make you a skilled swimmer within a couple of months.

Team sports

All kinds of team games like soccer, tennis, basketball and so on are the best option for people who feel too lazy to take care of their body. A natural desire to win and to be the best will make you move. After a dozen of games you will notice that you are not getting tired so fast anymore. This feeling will be so exciting that you will never give up doing sports.