Top 10 vegetables and fruit for strong and lasting erection

Natural products are the most digestible. Just check how great vegans and raw-food eaters look! We are not going to persuade you to join them – such a lifestyle is not suitable for everyone. Furthermore, it’s incredibly hard to find the proper individual diet consisting only of plant food. But it makes sense to take something really useful from their diet in order to make your sexual life more piquant. Let’s start!


We have already mentioned this fantastic vegetable with the efficiency compare to a pill of Cialis, without any exaggeration. Try to find our previous article dedicated to the best food for strong erection and carefully read the part about turnip. We bet you buy a whole lot of it next time.


Oranges and actually all citrus cultures are irresistibly powerful in their ability to clean vessels. These fruits are recommended for absolutely everybody who would like to improve his or her blood circulations. Doctors often recommend oranges and tangerines those who are going to quit smoking in order to clean their blood vessels as fast as possible.

Citrus cultures do not contain any magic element that will make your erection strong and long-lasting. They help you in an indirect way by providing enough blood flow in the pelvic area.

It is advised by experienced people to eat at least one orange or a couple of tangerines every morning on an empty belly. They will then remove the mess from the day before and give you more energy for the new day.


Celery is called “natural Cialis” due to its powerful and very quick effect. This vegetable is literally full of androsterone which is one of the most important male hormones. Androsterone is responsible for both libido and erection. It helps them go hand by hand. If there were cases when you really wanted intimacy but erection did not appear – now you know which natural product can help you.

Strawberry and raspberry

Strawberry and raspberry will allow you to make your sexual acts longer without getting too much tired. They contain a very interesting set of microelements providing better endurance. However, they are useless if you buy frozen strawberry or raspberry. Only fresh berries are suitable. During the summer there are lots of farmers markets around offering fresh strawberries and raspberries. Don’t miss your chance to turn into a true long-distance runner!


Ginger and especially ginger tea have very good reputation among medical specialists due to their impressive ability to thin the blood. Regular consumption of ginger will help you get rid of cholesterol plaques and avoid vascular occlusion. Keep in mind the healthy and intensive blood circulation is the most important part of healthy erection.


Unfortunately, many of us hate carrot because we were made to eat it in the childhood. I also remember that colorless boiled carrot at the kindergarten breakfast and probably so do you. But there is a very important fact about carrot. This vegetable contains lots of carotene also known as vitamin A. And this vitamin A is actually responsible for man’s power and libido. Moreover it has a cool side effect by making our sight more acute.

Kiwi fruit

Don’t mix it with a very nice kiwi bird. The bird will not be good for your health while the fruit will provide the organism with vast amount of the vitamin C. Vitamin C makes our vessels more elastic and flexible allowing them to be more resistant to cholesterol and all other pollutants. Lemon and spinach also contain decent amount of vitamin C.


Men from Ancient Rome ate a lot of onion in order to improve potency and erection. Onion also increases the libido. The romans also discovered that a couple of boiled eggs altogether with onion have much stronger effect. Check it out yourself!


People from Siberia claim that garlic is the best solution for erectile dysfunction treatment or prevention. They take a couple of garlic bulbs and throw them to the boiling water for several minutes. After such a simple procedure garlic is ready.


Greenery is the last but not the least product in our list. All sorts of greenery are healthy for vessels and thus for potency – parsley, caraway, fennel etc. They also increase libido for both men and women!